The Characteristics of Good and Poor Readers

The Three Phases in the Reading Process

Friday, June 19, 2020 by Demitra Bryant | Uncategorized

Did you know that there are three phases in the reading process children need to be exposed to in order to become proficient readers? They are Before Reading, During Reading and After Reading. Each phase has elements that students should be offered during reading instruction or if they are reading independent. 


* Vocabulary - the meaning and multi-meanings of words must be adequate in order to understand the text. Many students tend to omit unfamiliar words and there can lose the meaning of the sentence or what the author is trying to convey. 

* Motivation and purpose for reading the text/passage/article or book. 

* The structure of the text. (Cause/Effect, Sequential, Compare/Contrast, Problem/Solution or Description)


* Monitoring comprehension and become aware of their reading techniques/patterns.

* Reading words and phrases quickly and accurately.

* Making connections between sentences and statements.

* While reading, ask questions along the way

* Background experiences to assist in making predictions and how to apply those experiences in the content.

* Selectively applied to what is and what is not read.

* Information within the text that is relevant and provided with supporting details. Determine what's irrelevant. 

* Visualizing what is going on in order to further understand what's being read. 

* Inferences made in regard to topics presented. 


* Reflections on what was read

* Summarizing

* Connections made from what was read to new situations. 

At each phase in this reading process, children should be engaged in various techniques so that they will be able to understand the text. 

At My Tutor Helps Me, I incorporate many strategies to help students learn and understand the meaning of text. But did you know that students should provided with strategies that are based on both their areas of strengths and needs?

The Free Reading Assessment is the cornerstone identifying and creating the customized learning pathway for my students. Child learn differently and they should be provided with the correct instructional materials.

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