MyTutorLogoPNG2022-02-06.pngWhen I was a child, I played school with my dolls and stuffed animals. I always assumed the role of the reading teacher. Each "student" was strategically positioned around the table facing me as I read them a story. 

I always knew that I was going to be a reading teacher but didn't even realize that I was a struggling reader. It was the ending of the 4th grade that I was told that I would have to attend summer school, to improve my reading, in order to move to the next grade level. Summer school in the midst of the hot weather and no conditioning was definitely not my idea of an exciting summer but since I loved reading, I went along with it. Following summer school, I was pulled out for reading in the 5th grade and loved my one-on-one time with my reading instructor. 

Over time, I became a better reader and I want to bring the joy of reading to your child. Through my journey, as a child and an adult, I've seen students struggling to read and with the struggle came the loss of knowing how wonderful reading really is. 

Today, I teach and tutor kids struggling with reading and transform them into confident readers able to succeed in school. 

I'm a Certified General & Special Education Reading/Language Arts Teacher and Gifted Endorsed that creates unique individualized learning pathways in accordance with each student's specifications. 

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Educational Credentials:

M.Ed. in Special Education, Grand Canyon University

BA in American Studies, Hofstra University 

AA in Liberal Arts, Nassau Community College



Douglas County Partner in Education

Douglas County Chambers of Commerce

American Business Women Association (ABWA) National and Douglas County Chapters

Learning Disabilities Association of Philadelphia, PA

Georgia Association of Educators

Autism Travel Specialist

Board Member of Raz Academy, Hampton, Virginia 

Do you have a child struggling with reading and writing? Does your child have ADD or ADHD and needs assistance with planning and organizations skills? 

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Demitra A. Bryant, M.Ed.