My Tutor Helps Me Educational Services LLC mission is to provide school districts with professional developments encompassing brain and research-based strategies in executive functioning deficits. Students with learning differences, and those with ADD/ADHD, may continue to fail at alarming rates and may require alternative methods of learning that develop the areas of weaknesses while utilizing the areas of strengths. 

We believe that when teachers and school personnel understand how the brain works, a person can truly understand how to differentiate lessons, provide specialized designed instruction and activities to help close the learning gaps. 

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  • Teachers engage in lesson plan formats for differentiated and specialized designed instruction that can be utilized in all classroom settings. 

  • Teachers deliver strategies for students on how to think about the work they are to perform, organizational and time structures, and academic actions to make positive changes.

  • Includes professional development, organizational and training methods to new and poorly performing special educations, general education teachers that have students with 504s or receiving Response to Intervention services, and paraprofessionals in progress monitoring and data collection. 

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