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Georgia Milestones Study Guides

Friday, March 15, 2024 by Demitra Bryant | Uncategorized

Welcome to My Tutor Helps Me Educational Services. Tutoring services are provided for reading and writing, IEP services, and executive functioning strategies. To learn more about how I help improve and increase children reading and writing, follow this link BUILDING CONFIDENCE.

Many families have contacted me asking if there were any study guides available for their child(ren) to practice. So I've decided to provide links that go directly to the guides instead of families spending countless time search on the educational websites. 

The Summer Enrichment courses are already available for 1st-8th grades. The kindergarten tutoring program will begin the end of May. If you have a scholar that you would like to have their learning enriched during the summer, feel free to reach out.  

Demitra Bryant

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